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My Tram-TR50 Technique

Sound Art Film

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Thanks for the detailed technique Paul - I have been enlightened! How do you find this technique (between shirt buttons) to work outdoors in low-medium wind conditions? There doesn't seem much room for some sort of wind buffer apart from shirt....

Also, is the paperclip in place so close over mount, that you have to unravel tape etc to remove tram? Or is there enough room with your technique to remove mic without disturbing mount?

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Reg, the setup wouldn't be my ideal setup for someone with a very hairy chest.  You could turn the capsule to face outwards though in a pinch and along with mating down the hair with some lotion, it could very well work.

Surprisingly, I haven't had issues with people outside and this setup with wind.  If mounted on the chest, the layer/s of shirt block a bit of wind.  Mounted between buttons offers less wind protection, but is still fine up until a pretty decent gust.


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Here I go!

Yeah but-

Love TRAMS since I bought them in 1979

Have even talked to Ted Rapp RIP

The integral use of a TR50 is using the vampire clip

Easy and quick to rig but most significant is facing the mike into the vampire clip

that works as a high frequency HF resonator and boosts the high end under clothing

Have you tried it and listened?

I moved on to the Sonotrim that was suggested by Gerry Bruck of Post Horn Recordings

He suggested a better capsule (again Swiss made) that had a more controlled response.

Sonotrims are my first choice as they sound great and are easy to rig with the vampire.

Yep COS-11's are great as a broadcasters mike but even with the rubber thing do not

cut it (I've had several experienced boom ops rig then and realised the Sonotrim is better)



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Found this old topic


Sure I have my way of applying TRAMS but now I only use Sonotrims


One hint is to carry some fine wet & dry sandpaper to remove sharp edges

from the vampire or body mount holder

Yep and I often use B6 mikes under tee shirts as they are so low profile


Also I have developed the perfect windshield for TRAMS used in very windy

situations, it's not low profile but it works!



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