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Best Actor/Actress Voice


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Whenever I'm flipping channels and I hear William Lyman, I stop.

I've directed hundreds of sessions with Will, and what impressed me most wasn't his pipes - which are certainly good enough - but his acting chops.

Tell him what you want him to feel, and where he should feel it, and it comes through in the read. Then give him a technical note or specific direction on some words, and he integrates them with the emotions he was already delivering.

(I experienced the same kind of control and professionalism with James Earl Jones, Don LaFontaine, and Christopher Reeve. But haven't done anywhere near as many sessions with them...)

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My favorite classic voices would include Gregory Peck, Henry Fonda, Marlene Dietrich and Katharine Hepburn.

From personal experience, I did a movie with Dennis Haysbert. Recorded him with an MKH 50 and he sounded real nice in the Sony phones. Robin Williams sounded quite good on my Neumann KMR 81i on another movie I recorded.

A long time ago, I recorded Mel Blanc for a charity film. I put the mic over him, put my phones on and I heard the real Bugs Bunny say to me: "Ehhhhhhh, how's the sound, Doc?" There's an unforgettable voice.

Interesting to think of actors in terms of their voice only. Many more keep coming to mind.

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Did a picture in 2009 with Lauren Bacall, and I remember the first day she was on the set. Her first scene began with her coming into the foyer of a big house and calling out the name of the other character in whose house she was. I'll never forget the experience of the first rehearsal, sitting at my cart with the headphones on, hearing that voice come over the wires and realizing: "That's LAUREN BACALL,

for cryin' out loud!" I just about fell out of my chair.

Of course, I did a commercial with Kermit the Frog once, as well...

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