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The Sound of Nurse Jackie: An Afternoon with Jan McLaughlin & Steve Borne

Jack Norflus

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I registered, but is there a more clear time? It currently says 1:30pm Saturday the 19th - 3:00pm Sunday the 27th... Is that supposed to read 1:30-3:00pm Saturday the 19th?

Actually it is a week long event.

No seriously I sopke to Jan about this and it is 1:30-3:00 on the 19th. the 27th is some sort of typo.

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Jack is correct re: date/time and the typo. The EventBrite site's been corrected but they still haven't changed my job to 'Production Sound Mixer' nor my name to 'Jan McLaughlin, CAS'. Oh well.


It's my hope that some departments will represent and speak to how they help us do what we do.

Whit, really??? Truly? Dang. Thrilled! Let me know if I can help in any way. Hope you'll pencil in some hours following to hang out :) Wheeeee!


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Am I to understand that you're coming down from the Great North, Pascal. Fabulous!


Just heard that one of our Assistant Editors, Gina, will be there. Yes! As will Steve's assistant to run the ProTools broadcast session.


Focus has landed squarely upon the relationship between production and post production sound.


Presentations should be about 40 minutes total, and that leaves 50 minutes for lively discussion.


Attendee job descriptions range from producers/directors/writers to post and production sound mixers.


Should be an enlightening blast.


Register here:



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Be sure to introduce yourself, Kenneth! Look forward to meeting you and many others in person, most of whom I feel I know already thanks to Mr. Wexler and this forum.


The good folks from Gotham, Avid, Tekserve and Steve Borne were out in force this morning to check out the space and finalize some decisions. Peter Schneider provided a draft diagram for the tech we'll have along. Nice, right?


Thanks for saying, John. No live stream, but I do believe there will be a recording of the event.





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