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CNN QT movie

Phil Palmer

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I think you've added a Quicktime movie to the page10.htm page on this discussion group.  I've got 2 Macs and they both choked on the movie, and I had to go to your personal site...then navigate to the discussion group in order to get here.  It was like a Quicktime road block.  :)

Might want to put it in a separate window or something.

Hope to see you at NAB this year.  I think I'm actually going to make it.


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You're sort of right, particularly the part about a Quicktime roadblock. I didn't think this Discussion Group area would be affected by what I was experimenting with on my website. The experiment failed, sorry, and there is NO Quicktime movie of the CNN spot. For information, this was a spot on CNN Paula Zahn Now show featuring my father's documentary "Who Needs Sleep?"

I wil look into any lingernig after effects (no pun) of my messing around with the website.

Regards,  Jeff Wexler

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Hey Jeff,

I just saw this post and wanted to offer a suggestion.  What I'm finding more and more is that the safest way to post a video to a Web site now seems to be as a Flash video.  Macromedia (well, now Adobe) has done a great job of creating cross-platform players that seem to work with all browsers on all platforms.  And, the quality of the video is getting much better.  And, it's getting much easier to make it a streaming video file now.

Let me know if you need more info on this...I've been spending a lot of time lately in Flash building a sales training program for a client (recording the audio via telephone, then mashing together slides and audio into a video.)


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Thank you for the suggestion to use Flash for video posted to the web. I have also been seeing Flash presentations and it has been coming along nicely. I have ZERO experience with Flash so I might be contacting you to get some pointers. I like Quicktime movies certainly way more than I do either WMV or RealNetworks, etc., and I actually do not care so much if Windows users won't install Quicktime. I have the flip4Mac plugin that allows WMV to play very well in Quicktime for those sites that use WMV.

I will look into Flash as I know they have done a fairly good job of making decent players that are truly cross platform.

-  Jeff Wexler

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