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Rob Stalder

Rastorder Foldup cart COVER

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Below are 2 setups from Ludovic - He is working with the top half shelf on.

Note he has a generic super clamp/magic arm to hold the monitor and clips to hold the ipad.

Both of these attach to the front of the top half shelf.

This will be a bit difficult to accomodate. I will think of some alternatives for mounting.

generic clamp is here (courtesy of Ludovic)






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Just playing around with my mixer bag & a foldup cart and some antenna options I may be able to accomodate.

Will be meeting with cover maker on Monday for a final discussion before the FU prototype.

See pics below.

Pic 1shows front clip with bendy arm attached to front shelf - bit hard to cover that. Also shows Manfrotto Super clamp on side of top shelf. We may be able to make a flap for this or just have holes with the SC sitting outside the cover. You would have to drill your holes to match I think.

Pic 2 shows SC screwed through shelf with 2 short M5 metric screws directly into SC.

Pic 3 shows the weld next to the SC. This shelf side is very flexible & may need some rear re-enforcing.

With flexing it could crack this weld. You would have to keep an eye on it.

Pic 4 shows SC screwed onto rear flat bar. Note round bar extends up through handle. We could accomodate this maybe with a flap or just holes. Round bar is a piece I had lying around - 20mm/5/8" with 1.5mm wall thickness - goes straight into SC stud socket.

Pic 5 shows clip with bendy arm on rear upright - could have a wrap around flap here either side.

Pic 6 shows SC on front corner of extended shelf sticking out of side - cover could go past this.

Pic 7 shows SC on rear upright - a magic arm could be attached to this with a stud attachment to a bendy arm. Also there are 2 straight through holes in the SC to allow for vertical mounting. But you would have to use bolts through the uprights. Again this position could be accomodated with an opening/flap. Much like the SC opening on Pascals cart.

Pic 8shows the bottom of the SC and its various holes.

Of course there are 2 boom pole mounts on the rear - one of these could be used as an antenna












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Thank you all for the interest and input you have shown in this project.

Had meeting with motor trimmer this morning and he is off to start the prototype.

It will take a bit - when its finished I will post pictures.


Prototype will aim to include;

sides and rear - square up to & including height of top half shelf - in a vinyl type material. Similar to truck sides.

Front - all framing in the vinyl.

              under extended shelf - , clear plastic with side zips.

             mixer area above extended shelf - clear plastic panel, complete tear off - hook & loop.

             bag/recorder leval above top full shelf - clear plastic panel, complete tear off - hook & loop.

Top - vinyl possibly hinged at rear & with sides to allow for variable height.

          with clear plastic panel, complete tear off - hook & loop.

Access - Rear - small flap at handle, small flap at top shelf  bar to allow for attachment of super clamp and/or put on hook.

                          also full width flap at mixer shelf.

Access sides - opening (or flap) at top of rear uprights for attachment of super clamp. experiment with slit access to hang cable hooks.


Rob Stalder

Rastorder P/L

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Cloud - does your mixer bag with these radios and in this position extend higher than the rear uprights of the foldup cart (without the half top shelf on.

Would it fit under the top half shelf.


hi Rob


sorry just saw your message,yes that petrol bag can fit when the half top shelf ON, JUST FIT IN there.





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Cover prototype - stage 1.

I thought we would be further along at this stage, however the cover maker has had a health issue.

Looks a bit like a BBQ cover - cute though.







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OK some thinking out aloud here.

Top pics, there is a clear panel on top for looking down on mix, there is a blank panel below - this will be clear.

There is a clear panel for extended shelf. Basically the 3 clear panels will all connect so they can be removed or each opened up for access.

Front bottom panel has zips at side - can be rolled up - works well.

Cover is not that difficult to get on/off.

Few access points to go as mentioned before.

Will now look to have access panel either side of top shelf for side mixer access. It is a bit awkward to get to from front.

Hoodie was a joint idea. When i first saw it i thought it wouldn't work. Now i think it will.

Possibly with deeper sides and detach from rear. But it should address a very high mixer bag with its flexability and go out over sides.

Or not used at all.

Cover is at moment sitting leval with (and on) top half shelf. Cover will be vertically locked of elsewhere and strengthened with piping up & over front side corners - so it can support itself if top half shelf is not used.


Material is vinal, medium thickness.

Colour - bear in mind i dont intend to buy a stack of different colour rolls. This light grey will be main colour as i think it blends in well with the great outdoors and will give good sun protection as well.


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Rob, it does look like a BBQ cover! People are going to be standing around it in the morning and trying to grab breakfast out of the bottom :) Seriously though, I think once the top three sections are made clear (but still individual pieces - is that what you mean??), it will be great. 

My only questions would be:

1. Is it possible to get it made out of different material - think tent material?

2. Is there a possibility of it being able to be two pieces as an option (top and bottom sections)?


Good work!

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what does the vinyl do when it gets cold? and the clear section.

i assume that it gets stiffer like my kt systems bag clear cover does.


and is there any provision for boom pole holders? as i use both on my cart.

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what does the vinyl do when it gets cold? and the clear section.

i assume that it gets stiffer like my kt systems bag clear cover does.

I'll put some in the fridge

and is there any provision for boom pole holders? as i use both on my cart.

Yep - there will either be slits or flaps where the normal attachment points are on the foldup cart.

Just hasn't happened on this stage 1  so far.


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That looks to be a useful cover, Rob. We had some covers made for the Chinhda carts by a local auto upholstery shop using very similar materials and they have held up well over the years. (At least, clients aren't complaining or returning them.)


We incorporated one feature you might consider - we had a zipper at each corner. That permits rolling up any side to provide access with the cover in place. We wouldn't want clients to use the cart in heavy rain with only the cover as protection but it can be useful in light rain to have a cover and be able to work with it in place.


We also had grommets fitted in the skirt so the cover could be secured and also to provide a way to tie the skirts together if a zipper should happen to jam.


I've attached some pictures to illustrate.







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Just addressing in more detail the questions of Justin & Rich.

The vinyl we are using is not like the old vinyl that had a material backing.

It is used on most truck sides these days, so is readily available and priced well. 

The vinyl we are using is rated at 600 grams per square metre - truck sidings are 900 grams per square metre.

The clear is 0.5mm thick.

The vinyl feels about the same or thinner than the clear - it is certainly more flexible.

There is however an inherrant stiffness in this material which lends itself to use as a cart cover.

Personally its the best material I have come across.


We have looked at material such as that used in mixer bags. There are a number of issues for us.

It costs more to buy. It frays when cut and so needs to have nearly all the edges bound , which is extra work, which will cost more.

It is very flimsey, so will need in some areas to be double layered with support in between, much like in mixer bags. This will mean more work and cost more.


The vinyl we are using has an operational temperature range of between -30  and +70 degrees celsius.

I put some of the clear in the freezer overnight, it went a bit stiff, was hard to bend etc. However the clear will only be used in flat panels.

I put some vinyl (600 & 900) in the freezer overnight and was surprised to find it was still easily folded.


I had a meeting with the motor trimmer today and the 2nd prototype is under way.

Rob Stalder

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Current prototype

3 removeable front/top panels - lift up access anywhere.

Hoodie with detacheable rear zip.

Suggestion has been made to me for a clear hoodie - i will digest that. Benefit of vinyl is shade.

Rear boom pole cup and clamp positions difficult to get exact - thinking of this solution - big piece of female velcro - you make your own bolt hole(s) in it, probably just a cut slit as screws are only 5mm  - has a male patch over it if you are not using it.

Access flaps at sides.






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