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Rode SmartLav


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I'll debate in favor of the rodes, if for any reason it's very existence is telling of a demographic that is threatened by sound, frustrated by the lack of standards in the prosumer class cameras they can afford etc, etc. Not to mention the price of transmitter/receivers that even half of us on this board can't afford to buy once, let alone the few times as the ruling benchmarks change. The concept of discrete recording without a wireless signal is not going to go away just because we don't want to deal with the connotations-politics, asserting our value etc. Have you tried hiding an iPod headphone mic and recording on it? Fact remains its still your craft and knowledge of mic engineering that's going to pull it off, know what levels of risk to insure and communicate, if in this case it can't be mitigated. Could a real artist make work with crayons or an archetect with Legos? Sure (I'll admit, this mic is definitely not the next crayon or Legos). And I may very well have an atypical application for it. Same goes for that mic on the 5d. If you as a sound guy were behind the camera, you'd find a similar roll off and positioning that would involve you with those ball mics by blue. It's still you guys on this board who know this. (Think of when that egghead baby on Southpark opens his mouth. That stuffs funny!) This should be its own topic if it isn't already. And to the lack of respect for sound that this device reflects, the same rediculousness goes on with image at every Mac expo. I saw some weird frame you can put your iPad in that lets you mount a rodes mic to it, do your video editing, etc that's like a double insult that your still pointing a rodes mic. And a 3rd to a self respecting editor. (And more landfill is an affront to us all.). And how about all those little lenses you can stick on your iPhone. You think videographers are continually threatened by these gizmos?

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This product isn't for those kinds of sound mixers that work with features, TV or Drama... 

The demographic is in the video, but still;


The problem is that we take hearing for granted (as opposed to seeing, that we can selectively turn on and off whenever we want to)  and therefore we can't in our minds understand why recording what we hear should be so darned difficult. 


A person that's also a videographer probably has the utmost respect for the image, and sound is something you'd want to "just work". Imagine a carpenter that's also forced to paint his/her work. The carpenting, building and designing the final product is his/her call, but the painting he/she'd rather give to someone else to do but there isn't the money for it so... He/she has to do it. 

If I were that carpenter I'd just think "Why the hell can't painting just be easy?". 


So that product is for those lone videographers that probably think lenses for the iPhone is a cool thing. I don't mind I just know that when that videographer comes to set to record with the new iPhone lenses and a brand new smart lav and the sound is bad, he'll blame the lav not himself. The pictures will probably be decent though...

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Has anyome come up with wifi or bluetooth lav? that i would be interested in. The sound quality on Bluetooth ain't gonna make it, not from what I hear. And WiFi has a lot of delay involved. I don't think either one will work in terms of recording or monitoring.
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