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Neutrik NC3FM-C Unisex XLR Connector


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I did a few searches and didnt find this posted or mentioned anywhere else and I just found out about it myself so I apologize upfront if you guys have already heard of these, but I thought they were too cool to not let other know about.


The Neutrik NC3FM-C Unisex XLR cable connector: LINK, Video, Buy


Pretty cool cable to have in the bag that can be a both M-M, F-F and M-F all at once!


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Oh wow, they've been out that long? Or were they another brand? If so sorry guys, I had just never seen them talked about around here so I thought Id setup a thread on them as Im sure knowing about them would be helpful to someone else out there.

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They have been out for a few years. Great idea, but at $18 a shot, I carry gender-benders I already have.

The term 'gender-bender' can also get you into trouble.


Is "gender-bender" the slightly more politically correct term for sex-changer? Sex-changer is what I have always called the connector that has the same sex on both ends. Reading this, "same sex on both ends" really sounds bad, sorry.

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Forgive Jeff. One of his first crew experiences was on "Harold and Maude." That'll skew your view of the world.

(Among my favorite films, so that says something about me, too.)

While Harold's mother is interviewing a prospective date for him, the girl watches out the window, horrified, as he ceremoniously sets file to himself.

Moments later...

"Oh, here's Harold now."


It doesn't get any better than that. (I'm not sure why this thread brought that to mind.)

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