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My own Short Film 'iBrain' - Indiegogo Campaign

Den Nic

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Hey Everybody!


Let me first say that this site has been an amazing resource for me, having been doing production sound full time for about 2 years now (Started right after I finished school) I know that there are tonnes of times I thought and applied what I learned on this site, it's a really amazing place and I'm so fortunate that people are so willing to share all their insights, mistakes, and experience.


Now, I am asking for your help! I am a Sound Mixer/Boom Operator, but I have also found a new interest in Directing/Producing! I have launched the Indiegogo campaign for my Second short film, entitled 'iBrain', a futuristic short film in which the latest piece of technology does fit in your hand, it fits in your brain! We are on a 30 day campaign to raise $4000 to shoot the film this coming March and it would mean a lot to me if you could watch the video, share the page, tell your friends, anything you can do!




I am excited to do my second film as the most sound conscious Director in Canada! Thanks so much guys!


(I included a screenshot, that's me on the left)


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The story idea sounds good. Certainly relevant in our world today and a legit question to ask. The clips from I assume are from your other projects look good but it is hard to tell if those stories hold up or not but like I said, they look well made. As for the pitch, well.., too long and trying to hard to be clever was my reaction. I wish you luck and post updates if there are any you consider relevant. 


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