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Soundman Needed in Delhi, India for Feb 23 & 25

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Hi Everyone,


Wondering if someone can recommend a soundman in Delhi, India?  


Project is a simple one or two day shoot in Delhi for a documentary on Tuberculosis.


Dates:  February 23rd & 25th.


Talking head interviews with doctors and some B-Roll shooting at medical clinics (all appropriate safety precautions will of course be followed/supplied/taken for all filming of TB patients).


The soundman will be working with the producer and cameraman (3-person team).  The doc is being shot with two 5Ds (all sound must be captured to soundman's recorder).


Unfortunately the Delhi dates were slightly pushed and I'm unavailable to finish the job (I'm their current soundman).  I've been working with the producer and cameraman for the past two weeks, we've shot in the States, London, and presently in South Africa, and I can say they're good people and the day rate is decent and anyone who is interested should please contact me privately for further details...






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Contact Vin he is based in India but he is on holiday this week in the UK I am sure he can help you out .His email is vinod@soundtrane.com


Best John

AFAIK Vin left today for a month long tour of audio manufacturers in Europe and is due back in India around March 20th. An email wouldn't hurt though. 



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