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Just wondering if there is any option some genius has figured out to boost the Zaxnet signal

coming out of the Nomad from 50 to 100 mw? I want to start using Erx's as comtek/timecode feeds,

but find that it doesn't have nearly as much range as my Lectro IFB system. Also don't want to get the Zaxcom IFB transmitter, that kinda defeats the purpose of Zaxnet. So, possibly a firmware upgrade, or antenna booster? Or is it just not possible?



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There are plenty of threads on this already, depending on whether you're cart or bag based...

L-Com make a good amp for cart work, and I found this the other day:



Is anyone using the "streakwave" unit?? Seems kinda pricey however if it works like a champ then it'll be worth it. 

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I've been looking too....

Interesting and economical, but I can't see how it get's it's power....  do you use this one ?



You mean the streak wave unit? It's powered via the DC flying lead. Can be powered via USB or AC adaptor. Something like the remote audio BDS4u with its up-to-2A USB should be able to take care of it pretty well. Would drain your battery fast, and no, I don't use a 2.4ghz amp as I'm only using Zaxnet for TC distro.
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@Soundmachine What's your setup? are you putting a QRX100 on a camera? You can make the IFB board in the QRX100 your zaxnet IFB transmitter. That way the antenna is up in the air. If you are doing bag work, that might be useful. 

If you are using a QRX you can also use IFB voting.

Voting is when you set the ERX to search for the stronger of two signals and use the stronger signal. So the QRX IFB board could be one signal and Nomad's Zaxnet could be the other. This way if the QIFB andNomads IFB are sending the same audio you get more coverage. 

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