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New 664 Firmware

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Firmware 1.04 is available for the 664.


Changes introduced in 1.04 include:


  • Digital Input Gain. Provides up to 50dB gain for AES42 or AES3 sources.
  • Peak Only Meter option.
  • Meter Peak Hold Time Off option.


  • Metering freeze. Meters would stop moving and eventually result in a subsequent lockup.
  • Faster formatting on SD cards.
  • Improved performance for SD cards up to 32 GB in size. (Note: improved performance for cards 64 GB and larger will be addressed in a future firmware release).
  • Lockup fix when rapidly connecting and disconnecting USB keyboards.
  • Lockup fix on boot up with 44.1kHz sampling rate and Tracks L and R not armed.
  • Lock up fix that occurring with tone and 44.1K sampling rates.
  • AES signals measuring 3-4 dB high on L, R, X1, and X2 tracks.
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Procedure to adjust digital gain needs to be added to the manual for firmware version 1.6. there seems to be no mention of it anywhere. Fortunately a good friend (Giancarlo Dellapina) pointed me in the right direction, otherwise i may have groped around... 


Also, it would be good to have the digital trim value show up when the Channel is selected, instead of the fader gain value... As it is now, unless you move the Select knob around, the Fader value does not change to show the trim value. Valuable info is hidden away until you actually CHANGE the trim level...


my .02... 



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Jim, there's a short-cut for increasing the scene (by setting - either number or character) - push headphone+FF.

For editing the scene name more: push headphone+menu to get into the files/takes, and from there select "edit".


EDIT: I was writing from memory, but just checked and realized that there is one or two more step from there. I agree that it would be great to have a shortcut that takes you right to the edit scene name in one step.

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