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Comparing the range of Nomad's built in Zaxnet?

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Olle: " cause you knew you'd get a more accurate answer, "



 there has never been any incorrect information on jwsoundgroup.net...not ever!  ???


...and yet, despite Mike's best efforts, there have been volumes of helpful information shared.


...and then ironically -- especially with after-market adaptations like this one -- user solutions sometimes trump factory feedback.

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This thread is over 10 years old, but I'm resurrecting it, because I can't find anything more recent.

What is the *current* state of Zaxnet range?  Would love to hear from people actively using it.

I've used Zaxnet transmitting from my Nomad on its stubby antenna.  I've used it exclusively for ERX units.  I've never used its control features, since I've never had Zaxcom wireless, but now I'm considering it.

I've more or less given up using ERXs for IFBs ... I've seen them drop out within 15' feet in line of sight, in all sorts of situations.  My impression is that this has gotten worse since I got the Nomad in 2016 — I think 2.4GHz has gotten so busy that Zaxnet can't compete with modern devices in that spectrum.

But ... I'd imagine sending control signals is probably a lot easier and more efficient than sending audio, so I want to ask specifically about range for controlling transmitters — is that range similar to the kind of range I can expect for the IFB audio?

  • So, in 2023, what's the current state of Zaxnet? 
  • Is it usable with the default antenna in a bag rig?
  • Is a dedicated transmitter better?
  • Is a Nova better?
  • Does transmitter signalling go farther than IFB transmission?
  • Can I get a better (passive, bag friendly) antenna?  I'd rather not go the amplification route if I can help it ... the extra power draw isn't worth it to me.
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