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Hi all,


I am searching for an (not so expensive) format converter from 8 channel  AES to USB, or 8 channel AES to ADAT. The only thing I found in www is from RME.



but this thing costs about 1.200€


... I wana use my Aaton Cantar for computer recording and use it as an AD converter.

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If you don't need SRC or 192kHz, RME do a cheaper converter (which will work off DC): http://www.rme-audio.de/en_products_adi_4_dd.php


You'll need an interface card with ADAT to run it though

There's a few AES PCIe cards available too, no USB though (that I know of).  Metric Halo's LIO-8 will go to firewire but it's US$4000

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I've been searching high and low for 6 channel AES out via USB, but RMEs ADI-4 DD with Fireface UC is the only affordable solution I have found so far.


As far as I know, for external audio interfaces on the Mac Metric Halo's LIO-8 is the next step up and it only does Firewire.

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