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Freq in Georgia and Tennessee?

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Hey Guys.


Just wanted to check what radio frequencies / blocks are safe to use in the state of Georgia and Tennessee?


Im ( very luckily ) heading out that way for a 3 week shoot from Ireland and was wondering if i can still use my ch38 /Block23-ish (606 to 630 MHz) freq radios or do i have to rent something more suitable out there?

Ill only really be using 2 or 3 max at any time..


Also do i need to acquire a license?

Any help is appreciated,



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You should be ok however just know that 608.00-614.00 are not suppose to be used as they are reserved in USA for Emergency and Law Enforcement only. So you may experience  interference especially in a large city like Atlanta. However 606.00-607.900 are fine and 614.100-630.00 should be fine too for you. I'd recommend trying to to tune above 614.400 ( Which is Block 24 in US) and you should be fine as there is plenty of frequencies for you. I'd only consider renting if you have to use more than 10 wireless at once. 

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Many thanks Whitney, great info, now i can relax a bit..


@ Sjons37.. we are shooting a doc on some forth generation Irish Travellers... so go all the way to America to film "Irish" folk but i dont think they have ever been to Ireland .. should be interesting but really just delighted to be back to the States, i love it there..

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Block 24 -26 are all useable around metro atlanta.

"Irish Traveller" folk have a mixed reputation on our part of the world, btw..

some recent prosecutions and interction from state authority on how their children were being raised/educated..

accusations of using their children as thieves in north Georgia.

as well as a few eccentric practices here that may be different than in Ireland/Europe/UK..

One thing I have been told is that they leave housing under perpetual construction as a way to claim exemption from it being taxable.

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Graham, If you make it close to Atlanta, give a ring... first pint is on me.


And according to US law, you should have an FCC license. There are a few people here with the license, and exponentially more people here without the license.
There are many members here who can give you expert advise on that step. 

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I think, actually, 606-614 is used for radio astronomy, as it used to be in the UK also until recently. You can probably use it without any real trouble, but I would just stay out of it to be safe.  Look at the US Lectrosonics B23 frequency chart, and it'll show the exact frequency range to avoid.


People are using, and have been using, illegal frequencies in this country for MANY years.  I have only ever heard of fixed installations getting into trouble with the FCC for continuing to use frequencies that had been designated for other use.  But if you are using US Block 24, you'll have no troubles whatsoever if you're just looking for a few frequencies.


I hope you are coming now, and get to enjoy some beautiful weather, because as Whit and Whitney will tell you, Georgia and the south in general are not a place you want to be working in July/Aug if you're not used to the heat/humidity.



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Howdy Y'all. well arrived in GA and enjoying some wonderful weather, coming from Ireland it's absolute heaven. A lot of the travelers are back for the golf but are proving a very difficult community to crack, but that's for somebody else to worry about, I just put up with sound issues and helping out as much as I can. thankfully the radios are going grand and so far no trouble. sadly wont get to Atlanta but many thanks for the kind offers, I'd love to shoot the sh1t with some local soundies. maybe next time..

thanks to all for the tech info.

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