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Boom Recorder multi-file, multi-folder


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Hello everyone,

Just reporting from the trenches. The work is going well, multi-polyphonic recording is working for both BWF and CAF files. Also the metadata can be changed up to the moment the recording is stopped. I still have to start work on playback, I ripped out the complete file handling system and thus had to rebuild it from scratch.

The user interface also have been changed, only the tape transport buttons, metadata fields and channel meters remain on the main window, other functions have been moved to the preferences window.

I had to scrap one feature, QuickTime recording, it is just too messy. I will try to create a QuickTime import plugin for importing BWF files with timecode into Final Cut Pro, I wish Apple would just do this. Problem is, I have no guaranty that it will actually work to make a import plugin that can handle timecode.



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