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New PSC Cart and rack rails

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Hey everyone--


I bought a used PSC cart several years ago, and it seems that this cart might be one of the original carts because the two drawers are welded in.  There are no rack rails on the front, and the back of the cart will not accommodate a full width rack space without issues.  I could not install sliding shelves because there is no area in the back of the cart to fasten the back of the shelf.


My cart is now showing signs of age and wear/tear.  some of the welds are breaking.


I'm considering buying a new PSC cart, and I was wondering if the new carts with front rack rails have the ability to mount patch panels in the back.










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Aron, any chance that you don't actually have a PSC cart but, rather, a Skyline Sound cart?

Skyline made carts in the vertical style before PSC (or ASC) got into the game. Their carts were just a bit smaller. The handle on the top shelf is a visual clue - it only spans about half the width of the cart on the Skyline version. On the PSC cart, the handle is full width.

Ron would need to confirm this but I believe he (or Dick Topham at ASC) licensed the design from Skyline.

If it is a Skyline product, it's quite old. (But still a goodie.)


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If you look at the new PSC cart (if you are referring to the not yet released Euro Cart) it is really a different configuration than the old full sized PSC cart (imagining that is what you have). the Euro Cart's support for rack width/rack mountable items is different than the old PSC cart. Even when referring to the "back" of the cart, it is a different type of construction. Looking at the pictures (and the dimensions which I believe have been posted) I don't think you would be able to put rackmount gear on the back. I think this will be difficult to determine until such time as we can get our hands on this cart in person.

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I'm just considering getting a replacement cart of the current psc model. Not even aware of anything new Jeff


Sorry for the confusion, it is just because you mentioned the NEW PSC cart so I thought you were talking about the new PSC Euro Cart, not a new standard PSC cart. I have re-posted here one of the pictures of the Euro Cart so you know what it is I was referring to. This shows the 4 RU rack implementation above the top shelf which can give you an idea of the dimensions.



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