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Allen & Heath Qu-16


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Details released at Pro Light & Sound today, the new Allen & Heath Qu-16.

Take a look at the details here, http://tinyurl.com/c9vjdp2, but the short version is.....

16 mic/line IP channels

10 mix channels

17 moving faders

18 track USB recorder built in

D-Snake socket for CAT5 cable connection to remote IP/OP box

Built in FX

Its an Allen & Heath, borrowing R&D and more from i-Live and GLD series, so it will sound great.

The two obvious weaknesses for film and TV work are mains only powering (uses up to 82watts, so could feasibly be powered by 12v LiFE Po batts with inverter) and no TC capabilities.

Oh, and the price...... they are looking at just over £2000, circa low $3000's.

Looks very interesting indeed.....

Kindest regards,

Simon B

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Yamaha 01V96 dimensions:

17-3/16" x 5-7/8" x 21-9/16"       weight: 33.1 lbs


Allen-Heath Qu-16 dimensions:

17.4" x 7.4" x 19.7"                      weight : 22 lbs



I like that the Qu-16 is a little shorter.  My yamaha has a card where the sub-D 25pin connector hangs over the back of the cart shelf ( Magliner based cart with the wider shelf option).  I worry that the plug will get knocked and damaged.  I also like that the Qu-16 is lighter and has 16 XLR inputs as opposed to the yamaha's 12 XLRs and 4 TRS.


But what about recording ISO's from the Qu-16?  Do I have to use up all the 10 XLR mix outputs?  Bummer if so, I like to feed my Comteks, private coms and camera feeds from the board.  Perhaps there's something I'm over looking.

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The ISO track record OPs are completely separate to the 10 x mix OPs. You also get 2 x record OPs for the L&R mix OPs.

And my other A&H mixers sound great.


Simon B


I'm confused.  Where are the ISO track outputs if not the 10 x xlr outputs?

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You wouldn't. The USB option on the mixer is for connection to a computer running appropriate and supported software (eg., Boomrecorder, Metacorder, any one of a number of the usual recording suspects).


That's what I thought.  So, I guess I can't get ISO's on my Deva using this board without using up the 10 XLR mix bus outputs.  Bummer.  I guess that's a win for the Yamaha.

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That's what I thought.  So, I guess I can't get ISO's on my Deva using this board without using up the 10 XLR mix bus outputs.  Bummer.  I guess that's a win for the Yamaha.


I have looked into the 3 main small footprint digital mixers that have come out (or will soon be released) and the problem with all of them, usually, is not enough direct outs (prefader) to handle the typical way we do multitrack (whether it is with a Deva, Sound Devices, Cantar, Fostex, etc.). The well established practice of a mix track on track one and then all isos (as many as you may have sources) need to go their own tracks. When using an external mixer, analog or digital, this needs to be ALL inputs able to go to some output, prefader, and on to its own track. The Roland M200i lacks a sufficient number of configurable outputs to do this for all inputs. The Allen & Heath QU-16 is also lacking (as you point out). Only the Soundcraft Si-Expression series has enough outputs to do what we need to do. Although we do not know the timeframe for these 3 mixers, all of them have announced that they will have Dante support and various other connection/expansion protocols, which should make it easier to connect them to our recorders, computers, etc.

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Allen & Heath MixWizard4 16:2 Has 16 in and 16 out plus a usb option for recording to your computer. $999.00 not including usb sound card.


  • ​19” Rack mountable
  • 16 mic/line inputs with balanced XLR/TRS jack, insert and direct output
  • 100mm faders
  • 4 band EQ with 2 swept mids
  • 6 Aux sends - 2x pre fade / 2x switched / 2x post fade*
  • 2 Stereo returns
  • Dedicated mono output fader - can be switched to provide an L+R mono feed for a centre or fill speaker, or sub bass feed
  • Independent A-B output for 2-track recording, monitor foldback, speaker fills etc
  • Tri-colour, 12 segment bargraph metering
  • Twin FX engines with 20 studio quality FX presets
  • +48V Phantom Power
  • Signal and Peak LEDs
  • Lamp socket
  • USB multitrack recording option
  • Footswitch connector (mutes/unmutes the ST1 FX Return)

*Can be reconfigured with internal jumpers





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