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Scarlett headphone output goes white and loses sync

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I was working with a RED Scarlett today, the same one of which I've worked with a week ago with no problems, and had the audio return (monitor) go to very loud white noise.  I lost jam sync as well, and it never returned.  


To begin, in the morning and prior to talent being on set, audio return from the camera was normal, and sync was green during camera set-up.  Right before roll, the audio return goes to a very loud white noise.  Audio levels on camera appear to bounce as they should, and playback of RED files has clean audio.    


The only change in the camera setup was the addition a HDMI video tap out of the back tightly squeezed next to the sync and headphone return.   When I disconnect all audio cables to camera, white noise remains.  


I was rolling on a Nomad so wasn't too stressed over the lack of "good" RED tracks.  


After the first set-up camera lost the HDMI video tap, but still would not produce audio return or jam sync.  We restarted the camera more than once, and no, I don't know what build firmware he was running.


I've never seen this behavior before and am wondering if anyone else has?  




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Sadly, I agree with Max. 


I once freaked out when a director started watching a take on the video assist monitor close by his chair, and since I happened to be standing there, I was appalled that the audio was all distorted and F'd up. The DP shrugged and said, "oh, yeah -- it does that from the HDMI output sometimes. But when we watch the clip at the computer, it sounds fine." Baffling. 


Sound is not high on the priority list at Red. But... at least they are fixing the fan, and (no sarcasm intended) the camera's pictures look better than ever. So the Epic and the Scarlet are improving. 

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" am wondering if anyone else has?  "


though many here have reposted various less than satisfactory experiences

Curiosity. Yes, but no one with this particular experience.  Isn't that the point of this forum? To reach out to others that may face similar situations and share knowledge? Or am I mistaken, senator??   

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Think of the Red as the Auricon (mag stripe on film version) of the digital era... Only, maybe not as dependable <g>.


Even in the 1970s, our reporters at WTVT hated to use the Auricon's. They were old and crappy even then. But in a riot situation, I think they could be effectively used as bullet shields.


The Frezzolini's and Cinema Products CP-16's (modernized versions of the Auricons) were much slicker and had more features. And, I suspect, made less camera noise and would still work if you dropped them on the floor (but not on the lens), which I can't say for any digital cameras.


But very shitty audio on those mag-film recorders. I don't miss those days. Sound quality went up quite a bit when we switched to 3/4". What memories, what memories...

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I worked with a Scarlet a couple months ago and was hard lined into the Pro I/O on the back. Set everything up, listened to the return, and made sure everything was good to go. During the interviews, I was monitoring the return and all of sudden...silence. It happened not just that one time, but multiple times. The DP is a friend, so he was happy to reboot the camera (I love how cameras are now having to be "rebooted"). It would come back and things would be fine for a bit, then out again it would go. In the end, everything worked out and audio sounded fine. Of course I was recording a backup just in case :-) 

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