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Michael P Clark

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The cart is at a point now that I am really happy with.




Took the rigors of our set and locations to nail down the weak points. Which was the wheel concerns. Initial design had the wheels set too far inward, and made it a bit tipsy, and the 80/20 channels and nuts were not sturdy enough to handle the bumps of production(gravel, woods, dirt). the screws kept comming loose and the anchor fasteners could stay tight, warping the corner connections. So I added angle brackets to the bottom corners, and all has held up quite well. Also went with larger 10" wheels.




The handle attachment, that I had designed, finally came in, and adds a nicer asthetic then what was first sent to me. I had sent in this design, but the fabricators, for some reason, glazed over the details!




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Micheal, first of all, great job! Everything looks awsome. And as you must know, many of the members would like to build their custom carts too. It would be helpful to me and I think many others to know the ball park figure cost of such an endevear. So that one can weigh thier options. I am considering a welded version of your exquisit example. Maybe just the cost of the raw materials from 80/20? As I said wonderful job. and I can see why set personel are oogling the cart.

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Thanks for the compliment. As many here know, when you custom build, you tend to have costs associated with trial and error, and going back to the drawing board. The skeleton of 80/20, with all the nuts, bolts, anchors, and drilling pretty much ran about $1600. The drawers also ran about $1600, all made from Rackman. The custom jockey boxes, shown below, although smaller then the stock drawers up front cost about the same as a 3 RU drawer. Yikes! But Rackman was kind enough to give me a 2 for 1 deal, probably because I ordered so many drawers at once...



The Chinda light runs about $300




The hooks were somewhere around $70 each(?, I don't have the numbers in front of me, sorry). And in hind sight, I should have gone with the shallower hooks, since I tend to wrap my cables with large loops, but as you can see, my utility doesn't use them for cables much, since I am 100% wireless, now.




The surfaces are what 80/20 call Aluminite. Which are two thin pieces of aluminum with a corrugated center to make them really light, but very sturdy. Also using a rubber gasket to firm them up, and to keep any spills from leaking downwards, in case anyone is stupid.




The wheels where a challenge and had to be redone several times as the terrain of my show is ROUGH!! Even though 80/20 will tell you there anchor fasteners are "vibration proof", I proved that theory to be a gross overstatement. Any and all fasteners at the wheels eventually would loosen up on this set. So I tried several ideas, and evenyually went with 10" wheels, originally 8" for a wider base, and sturdier wheel, and a quick release base plate, so I could take the wheels off, if needed. These ran $400, I believe. and the wheels where around $70 each.




The angled brackets added even more support and have since been holding up to my current show. We will see how this holds up when we get back on my hard terrain show in May. These also ran around $400. Image in the post above.


Here are some other detailed photos. the PSC powerstar was just laying around after I changed to a Meon LiFe. I didnt want to use wall warts for charging batteries and such, and although expensive, works very well if I need to charge anything with 4 pin needs, ;ike the Chinda light. This is roughly $1000?






Here are a few pics of the drawers organization...

Mics Drawer




Wind Drawer
















These handle pieces, another custom machined pieces ran about $500.




Hope this helps. So roughly $6300, give or take....Yikes!! But it's custom, and not like any other cart out there. There are still other ideas I would do, to make it better, But I'm happy....for now.


The Rack rails are simply screwed into the T-slot, like anything else would.









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