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Atlanta Sound Mixer Weekend! Saturday BBQ & Sunday Event!

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Whit Norris has graciously offered to host a BBQ at his house starting at 4p on Saturday!


Locals > Bring Dish/Beer/Wine!

Out-of-Towners > Just bring yourself and a healthy appetite!





So what started last week as a request for a Demo Pix260, that turned into a visit from Jesse from Sound Devices... then Christina from Gotham said she'd like to come by... then Dave from K-Tek... then Glen from Remote Audio/Trew..Has now become:


"The First Annual Atlanta Sound Mixer Sunday!" 


Sunday, June 9th 12p  10:30a @ Zuffy's Place

1860 Corporate Blvd. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30329


Google Maps Link to Zuffy's


(thanks to Whit Norris for setting up the Venue and Co-hosting!!!)


Get your hands on Audio Gear such as:


Pix260 hooked up w/ Dante to a Yamaha 01v96i



New Ambient Boompole


Zaxcom 742 Boom Plugon


K-tek's Nautilus and Antenna Mast


Redding Audio


Remote Audio




RSVP at: 




See you there!





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Will do Crew on the pictures. Also we hope to have Greg Crawford a local re-recording mixer speak on post and what their needs are and what we can do better. It is starting to turn out to be a great gathering, Jan is coming down and Eric Toline is coming up! It's going to be great gathering!





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Preliminary Schedule of Events (Note new start time of 10:30AM!!)


10:30a           Doors Open (Meet & Greet)

11a-11:15a    Opening Keynote by Whit Norris

11:15a-12p    Sound Devices w/ Jesse Parker

12p-12:30p    K-Tek w/ Dave Fisk

12:30p-1:00p Lectrosonics w/ Gordon Moore

1:00p-1:30p   Redding Audio via Christina of Gotham

1:30p-2:00p   Remote Audio w/ Glen Trew

2:00p-2:30p   Zaxcom w/ Colleen Goodsir

2:30p-3p        Greg Crawford Presents: “A Note From Post to Sound”

3p-5p             Breakout Sessions with Manufacturers & Vendor Displays

5p                  Door Prizes!



Zuffy's will be serving up food and snacks, funding provided by the Manufacturers and Vendors. Thanks guys!!!


(Soft Drinks & Tea provided, but you buy your own Beers and Booze!)


This is going to be an amazing event!



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Jan an Eric, it will be great to meet you two in person! I think it's great that you're making the trip just for this.


I started the mixers get together for a drink at the Lagoon Salon at the Mirage hotel during NAB about 20 years ago which turned into the RAMPS party which became the JWsound/Ramps party which begat all of the local mixers partys. So in a way the local area partys are my children and every father needs to check up on their kids once in a while. 

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To Chris and Whit (since you two seem to be the main organizing team for this event):


Unless you already have plans for some sort of live streaming for this event, I would like to propose offering the zoom.us video conferencing service account I have to allow the rest of us to participate in this event. I imagine there were those who anticipated using Jan's Google Hangout for this but I would like to see if the zoom.us service could work for this event.



All that would be required on your end would be a laptop with a good Internet connection. I will post here (and in some personal messages if I need to) how the rest of us can join your Event. One big advantage zoom.us has over Google Hangout is we can have up to 25 people in the meeting.


Let me know if you're interested in trying to do this.

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