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Wedding Work: Wired vs Wireless


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I get the use of sony uvwp1's (up to 3) for free for 11 out of 12 months of the year for free


But there are certain times where I'd like to have gear with me (I have a wedding in september during the interval where I cannot rent it.


I was thinking of going for a wireless vs wired lav set


For Wireless

Sennheiser G3

+ Bodypack transmitter (XLR one)

+ OscarTech lav

+ 1 Roland R-05 or an olympus recorder around $150

= around $750



2x Lavs = $200

2x Recorders (Roland or Tascamd DR07) for ~$300



I think that the versatility with the wireless would be a better option, but I'd like to hear your guy's opinions.

Thank you!

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For the ceremony, reception, dinner? In my limited experience you can get away with hardwired handheld mic for the person performing the ceremony, but wireless is usually better all around. I can't imagine using hardwired lavs. They are easily forgotten by the wearer and then, SNAP - you need to repair your mic.


Mark O.

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I have zero wedding experience, in dealing with recording other type 'events', I secure an audio feed from the 'house' mixing board, be it a DJ, band or whatever, and add room/audience mics and other wired or wireless spot mics as needed. Don't expect anyone to have adapters, attenuator pads and knowledge of patching or operating levels either. From reading the DVi and DVx audio forums, the G2/3s and pocket recorders are SOP.

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