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Richard Thomas

DirectOut Technologies interfaces

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Was having a scour around for USB-AES solutions and came across DirectOut technologies.




They do a few products based around MADI conversion, and some which work with existing RME expresscard interfaces.  They're also DC powered with hirose connectors (!) and can even take a redundant power supply. 


Most interesting are the EXBOX.UMA

and the EXBOX.AES


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anyone has the EXBOX.UMA and can tell us how good and reliable is it?








Answer to myself.

Apparently not.

I just bought one myself and I hope to be able to review that soon.

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after a while using it I can confirm is a quite good little box.

I bought it to replace my old M-Audio Lightbridge (which support stopped for the new OS) for my home studio to keep using all my ADAT hardwares.

Drivers works well in OSX Yosemite and I don't have annoyances to report, so far.




Has now drivers for MacOS Sierra:


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