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Sennheiser MKH 8050 hyper cardiod - bass cut and handling noise on boom pole


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2 hours ago, Constantin said:


Do you know where in the chain the hpf is located in the ZMT? Could be before the A/D converter...

According to the FCC papers for the TRX900 the high pass is implemented in the digital realm. If the signal flow has changed since then I haven’t been able to find documentation showing it. 

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I have an 8050 which has been in the bag for years, almost entirely unused, on account of my not possessing a mount/windshield for it that could deal with handling noise. I have recently bought a Cinela Cosi for it, and I am mightily impressed. It seems to work very well indeed.

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On 12/28/2018 at 11:08 AM, Vincent R. said:

Allright thanks, good to know. I used it with a 8050 and connected it at the bag side of the chain just before going in to the recorder, so not wireless.

Has anyone tested the tac!t cable with the 8060 in combination with zaxcom wirelss plug-on transmitter on the boom? I am asking because the rycote support wrote, that rf-noise depends also very much on the combination of mic+cable etc..


here's a partly quote from the mail I got:

Tac!T should be relatively immune to RFI.
It uses a true balanced amplifier and capacitive/inductive filters to minimise any RF entering and exiting the unit; however, it is an active device, and in extreme RF fields (e.g. an area with several active mobile phones) it may be impossible to prevent some interference.
Sensitivity to RFI is strongly connected with both the microphone and the pre-amplifier it connects to, and you might find that using a different preamp or mic resolves any issues entirely.




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