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Why Dante?

Jeff Wexler

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Just reviving this thread as a solution has become available to allow Yamaha 01v96 boards to use Rio remote dante preamps / stageboxes. Several of the earlier posts pointed out that this couldn't be done.


Yamaha have now released a (Win 7/8 only) software app that controls all the settings of the Rio preamps. It's calle R-Remote and is available from the yamahaproaudio.com website.


I have it running nicely on a mac, using Parallels to run the windows app in 'coherence mode' - it just appears as a floating window on the mac desktop, and talks out the same ethernet port that Dante Virtual Soundcard is using to feed Boom Recorder. I can also run Yamaha Studio Manager, controlling the 01v96 via USB on the same laptop. 01v96 sends it's 16 analog inputs via direct outs to the Dante network, Yamaha Ri8 remote preamp feeds inputs 17-24 on both the 01v96 and 2 macs running Boom Recorder. Having to control the remote preamps via on-screen knobs not really a problem in most cases. Obviously you need a little Network Switch - I'm using a Netgear 5-port Gigabit switch mounted in a little pelican case with Ethercon connectors on a steel panel.

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Adding to the real-world usage info..


I'm on a production now using 5 Dante nodes.


The hub of the system is a Yamaha CL5 with an accompanying rack containing 2 network switches (Main path, Redundant path), Big Ben for system clock, UPS and an EtherCon patch panel wired to the switches.


The RF Rack has a RIO 3224 which takes all the RF audio into the system and spits out some feeds to the PL rack next to it.


The Field Rack also has a RIO 3224 that takes in all the FX mics and outputs VOG, SA and Playback to a Mackie 1604 in the back of the rack, which in turn feeds powered speakers around the set.  There are two additional network switches and a second set of EtherCon jacks in this rack to allow another to be 'daisy-chained' into the network when more inputs are needed.


There's also a small rack with a RIO RO8 and 4 Comtek BST's to drive the (dreaded) Phonaks.  The purpose of making this rack stand alone was to be able to put it near the talent and place the antennas nearly up their backsides, thus ensuring the maximum possibility of somewhat reliable operation of the cursed devices.  There's also a comm panel in there for the A2, but it's not running over Dante.


Lastly, there's a MBPro running Virtual SoundCard and Boom Recorder to capture the whole affair.


All the external racks, with the exception of the 2nd Field Rack, patch directly back to the console rack via ruggedized CAT5 with EtherCon connectors.


The Dante integration on the CL5 is wonderful.  I can bring any RIO input up on any fader on the desk, or send any signal to any RIO output, in four button presses or less.


I shudder to think what this arrangement would be like if it was all conventional copper.


(Yes Mike, I know UTP is copper too... ;) )

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For me this is all good info as I really haven't delved into Dante or MADI or any of the other interconnection systems. Thanks. I wish I had something to add to this thread other than I think 16 tracks will become the norm sooner than later.


Hopefully not....  Those "folks" would NOT like the invoice....  They still think wireless units are something we just pull out of our asses... They simply think the idea of spending thousands and receiving nothing in compensation is a good one... I have news for them... Not Going To Happen..  But... I'll wire the dog as long as they pay...  

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AES50, DANTE, AVB, Cirrus Logic, CobraNet, Digigram, BLU, RockNet. All different standards being used. Yamaha, Shure and Digico using DANTE. Sony, Panasonic, Midas using AES 50, this covers most of the live broadcast industry. Harman group and Avid using AVB. I've used all the standards above. Avid S3L I find frustrating. I'm a Midas user most of the time XL8 or higher Pro series. Use Digico often, SD9, SD7. Used the CL series from Yamaha (plus other digital consoles). I wouldn't use Yamaha in a high-end professional environment. It's like a Vespa compared to a TT bike. Plus they sound terrible!

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