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Available for Work in the Midwest, Nationwide, and Beyond

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Hello, fellow sound people.


I know that we all have our issues with work in these tough economic times, and I hate to be one more hat thrown in to the ring, but my family has fallen on hard times and I am hoping that some of my peers may be able to help me find work. My fiance has been out of work for the past several months due to health issues, and because of a technicality does not qualify either for unemployment or disability. Work is slow, we have exhausted our savings, medical bills are mounting, and I am at the point where I simply can no longer support my family.


For the moment, I'm looking for a steady job outside of our industry, but I am hoping to find a way to avoid giving up the career that I love.


I am unable to relocate, but I can and will travel anywhere in the world for work, aside from countries where people are actively trying to kill US citizens...


I am an ENG/bag guy, with experience in documentary, corporate, run and gun, and some reality. I'm experienced with Sound Devices gear, including 788T, but I've never used anything Zaxcom. I'm willing to learn. I currently have a 552 package with Lectro 400 series and Schoeps boom mic. I am willing to use provided gear if the pay is fair. I am willing to take work as a mixer, boom op, or utility tech. My "film" experience is limited mostly to extremely low budget indie stuff, but I am familiar with set protocol and know my way around a shoot.


I mainly do local corporate/commercial stuff, but I've worked on shows for SPEED, Discovery/Science, OWN, CSPAN and PBS.


I am a member of IATSE Local 18.


I'm based in SE Wisconsin and will travel anywhere for the right gig, even if it's on my own dime. Please don't take this the wrong way. The LAST thing I want to do is step on any toes. I don't want to take any work away from a local, and I will only accept gigs that pay fair, standard rates. I may be literally desperate, but I refuse to hurt anyone else's business in order to help myself. I'd rather work at Walmart than compromise like that.


If anyone can help, please contact me via PM here, or email me at cory@oegmusic.com. I can be reached by phone at 480-734-6405.


Thank you for reading.

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" My "film" experience is limited mostly to extremely low budget indie stuff, but I am familiar with set protocol and know my way around a shoot. "


I have mentioned before, that sometimes this sort of experience is only an exposure to how movies should not be made, and a source of misinformation and bad habits.  and even so, it is actually valuable experience!


I hope you are searching other places for gig, as I'm sure you realise there are a lot of folks here also going crazy looking for real gigs. keep your attitude positive and keep on looking...

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I have impressed with you sneakymarco.

And the reason is because you are searching and you accept a fair rates under pressure.

That sounds to me a real professional guy.


Many many guys in your position will go to work for "credits" or "$100 with kit".

That is the difference between professional and monkey.


I hope to find your way quick and fair!




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