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Richard Thomas

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Dear all UK sound folk- Following the Last Bectu sound meeting in May it became clear that there is a general feeling of dissatisfaction within the sound community and a wide variety of problems surrounding rates of pay and respect for our profession. As a result of that meeting several members (including myself) came together to form a committee with the aim of addressing these problems. At this time we want to invite both members and non members to an open forum to discuss these issues to determine exactly what the problems are, what people want and how Bectu can help make this happen. We appreciate that there are real problems out there and Bectu wants to make serious changes to ensure a better working life for everyone working in production and post production sound. But we can't make this happen without your support and input, so please, use this forum as an opportunity to air your grievances and tell us how we can help. There are over 530 members of the Bectu sound branch and it is growing everyday. We have the strength in numbers, what we need now is to come together and stand as a community of professionals proud of what we do.


We've put together a closed facebook group for the time being, and we'd like the UK sound community to join up and add to the discussion.  For those not using facebook, we're looking at using other channels too, this was one of the fastest


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