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Lectro Blocks in the bag?


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I have a Block 19 Lectro SRb in my location bag, and want to add another SRb. Question is, do I get another Block 19, or go to a different Block? My IFBs are on Block 21, and I have some Block 26 Lectro 201s. I need some Pro's and Con's. Thanks!!!




Steve Wytas


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" do I get another Block 19, or go to a different Block? "

yes, good idea.


this sort of question has been asked, answered, and discussed before...

some folks go for variety, others like to be able to mix and match amongst transmitter models.

so it will be a subjective decision you will need to make that best suits your needs...has Bl 19 been good for you ??  how about Bl 26 ?

If so, personally, I'd get my new stuff on one of those blocks so I can mix and match (interchange) components...

if you are thinking hop, then I'd go 26...


but that is me, and may not be you..

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The Senator had a point here. Firstly, I would consider the area you work in, and then if you travel much for work.

I travel quite a bit for work, so I diversify. In my bag, I have Block 19 and 24, and I use Block 22 for hops. These all play well on Chicago where I am based, and tend to give me enough wiggle room when I travel.

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