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Trx900LA for documentary film

Miguel Carretero

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I´ve just tried the LAs boot up to remote standby mode, and I don´t know how to access the advance menu even if I start them by pressing menu. Nothingh is said in the manual or I just can´t find it

Thx in advance for your help!

If you boot up in remote standby, then want to be in the extended menu, you can go to the lock screen, press down 6 times before the timer runs out. That'll get you to the factory menu, and if you press up from there you'll drop into the extended menu.

For me, holding the menu button longer when you have to press menu + (up button) seems to get me into the extended menu anyway.

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I personally wish the factory menu was harder to get into, as in it has to happen on boot, or at least has a different key combination. I go into the extended menu on a daily basis, but I never have the need to go into the factory menu.

Now that I write this, I will go make the request on the Zax forum too.

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I agree, every time I'm in the factory menu it freaks me out a bit. Especially since there are a few items that exist in both the factory and the extended menu trees. I've occasionally caught myself changing settings while in the factory menu thinking I was in the extended menu. Would be a real bummer to accidentally change something while moving fast on set and then end up with a bricked TRX or cause some strange problems. 


Personally, I think they should integrate the ERX/QRX update routine into the regular extended menu so that the end user would never need to access the Factory menu. Then they could bury it much deeper, like 6 key presses on power-up only or something.


The way I usually access the extended menu now is through the lock-screen trick so I'm always scrolling past the factory menu and have to remember to stay out!


Ultimately not a big deal, but little tweaks like this go a long way to instill user confidence I think.


I remember a fellow sound mixer telling me once, "Zaxcom stuff is cool, I guess, but you need to have an engineering degree to figure it out!". Obviously, figuring it out is part of the gig as a sound mixer but the more fool proof the better.

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After some days recording with the LAs surrounded by flames during long periods I have to tell you that they are doing really great. Everyone in the crew is really excited about what why can get thanks to the Zaxcom gear. The shooting is going really fine and I would like to thank you all for your friendly advice. I´ll let you know more details as soon as we face more situations. Just to tell you one the coolest things that I didn´t expect; once I got rid of wind and clothes scratching on the lavs, the capture of sound is so clear that I am even editing ambient sounds and other effects directly from the lavs, f. e. chainsaws, sirens, and radio transmisions. BTW; on the LAs I´m using Countryman B6s.



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No one should ever be in the factory menu. If settings are changed the unit will have to come back to the factory and it would not be under warrantee.




Please separate the factory and extended menus so it doesn't happen by accident.  Right now, I have to go past the factory menu to get into the extended menu, which I do daily.  It's too easy to think you are in the extended menu, and actually be in the factory menu.

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