Schoeps finally showed it's true nature. What I was affraid of, has actually happened.   It happended the first time on a shoot, "thankfully" only for half a minute and on an unimportant moment. Today, about 25 Celcius in the shadow, I tried to record some bees in flowers. No wind, so no rycote this time. And it happened again, but this time seriuous: Non stop rumble and noise. When I put it inside the house, it stopped after a while. Since both situations where in high temperatures (but not extremely hot) I was wondering if Schoeps can't handle heat. Because in both situations, it wasn't moist at all.   Should I send it in for warranty?   I've been using this Schoeps MK 41 on a CMC 6U for over a year now without trouble. But now it has started. There has always been the fear, because a lot of the Schoeps mic's on the film school had similar problems. Situations like this really make me wonder why the **** I don't just use a cheap a** microphone that is actually reliable... Edit: sorry for that...   Attached is a sound sample as MP3. It is an MS recording, the CCM-8 kept on working fine. During the recording I turn the volume down to get it out of the limiter.   Edit: I just tried it again at 27 Celcius in the shadow, holding the mic in the sun and it kicked in like an atomic bomb after about 30 seconds. Schoeps rumble.mp3