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Music video workflow.

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Hello. I have a question considering sync. A friend is about to shoot music video at 60fps , the final result is going to be 25 fps. They want to playback the music on the set, shoot at 60fps and the camera is not going to record sound. Will it sync with the music at post? What is a tested workflow for the shoot?

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resonate: are they shooting in 60fps to conform to 25fps, to produce a slow motion effect? if so, sync sound may not be feasible. You can maybe feed to camera, but I don't think that will help, and I don't believe you will be able to use timecode to keep sync.


If otherwise they are shooting in 60fps to then throw away 35fps to end up at 25fps (why would they do that?) then you can do sync the old school way: slate sticks; they can worry about syncing it. Keeps post on their toes ;)


Not sure if that answers your question.


Disclaimer: not an expert in the subject, just trying to help move the thought processes on the subject.

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Unless you know what you are doing, have them give the audio to a transfer house and have them prep the files.



Shooting 60 for 25??? Crazy. 50 for 25, sure it can be done but at what cost? Most camera pro or shmo camera's don't record sound at higher frame rates BTW.


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if you are shooting at 60 fps from 25 (for slow mo effect), that is 240% of the original.


Make a file that plays back 240% of the original.


have the talent lip sync / dance / do whatever


sync in post.



That is going to be pretty fast.  Good luck with that.

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And I would also add, they should use multiples of 25fps for a 25fps post situation: 50fps, 75fps, 100fps (etc.). 


Be warned that humans can rarely mime to music more than about 50% faster than normal, which would be about 37.5fps or so (you might be able to do 40fps, which is an even 60% faster). I would do a workflow test first to make sure everything will work, and make sure the performer is comfortable at this speed.


It will help to have an accurate timecode playback source like Pro Tools or Courtney Goodin's BWF-Widget Pro

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If you want to sync easier, when you speed up the track you can also speed up timecode. 

Normally on music videos you play back a track that has the song on the left and an audio track containing timecode on the right. 

The key is to pitch shift the Timecode track but not the song track, so that way the song pitch although quicker will sound on pitch, but the timecode need that pitch change for the slate to read it. Deneke slates can read of speed timecode quite well, from about 10% speed to 250% or so, but Marc is right, more than 60% quicker is to fast, unless is a very slow ballad.

Have fun 

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