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First Marriage Proposal Using Zaxcom?

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This past Sunday I proposed to my girlfriend. Check out the video!

Other than my attempt on foley, the production sound was recorded with none other than my Nomad using the QRX100 and TRX900LA. Boom was, of course, the Schoeps CMIT5U.

Also, everything leading up to the text convo was recorded straight to the TRX.

Sound mixer for the Orlando unit: Jeff Pendergrass. Thanks again Jeff!


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I have just stopped crying.

The movie was good, but Eric - you are just a comedy master. I applaud you.

Jonathan - good work.... but my Emily is better for me ;-))

May I ask - is that free entry to the wedding reception if we bring our Zax products?

Kindest regards, and if you two ever find yourselves in London - make sure to call me.

Kindest regards,

Simon B

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I thank you for that John. Perhaps this will explain to those who are not aware, what a curmudgeon really is.



"A curmudgeon often has a black sense of humor. They don't just complain about things, they do it with flair, style, panache, satire, and a sardonic view of life! That's what makes them memorable. They also, deep down (very deep down), believe that by saying something about it, life will change. Saying even more about it will hopefully make life change faster and sooner.


All it takes to change the world, making life the way it used to be, is for people to pay attention. Instead of running around like a bunch of chickens with no heads, people — particularly young people — should spend a few hours listening to curmudgeons. Then they'd know what the real world is all about.


Your average grump and grouch are just complainers. They moan and groan about how things are going wrong, they don't like this and they don't like that. But a curmudgeon has a world outlook. They see that entire societies and civilizations are going to Hell in a hand-basket!


Curmudgeonry is a character trait. Anyone can grow old — most of us do — but the way we handle that old age is part of our character. A grump or grouch doesn't have to be old, but a curmudgeon realizes he or she is now old. Nothing works the way it used to, and they're not happy about it. But deep down (very deep down), they almost accept that life just is that way.


Another defining aspect of a curmudgeon is the sure and absolute knowledge that the cause of all of life's problem is young people.

Aside from being too young to know anything, young people also are a principle cause of progress. Everyone knows that progress causes things to get worse, so young people are clearly making everything worse.


What ought to happen is for things to be the way they used to be! The key to solving the problems we face today is an advisory committee of curmudgeons, to explain to the world how things ought to be."



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