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MicW microdot adapters etc

Richard Thomas

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I just found a 3pin lemo to microdot connector made by a company called MicW (rather than YPA) for a bit less than the DPA ones (and they do a 48V adapter. They also seem to do a range of microphones which look like a cross between DPA and Earthworks, and omni and cardioid laveliers.  Haven't seen or heard any in real life.

They're distributed in the UK by Synthax, who also do RME:


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Are they compatible? Da Cappo and Rode do variations on the microdot connector (in fact, the adapters on the MicW page look VERY similar to the Da Cappo branded ones, and the ear clip looks similar too) but don't actually work with each other.

How an they use the same grill aesthetic as DPA though? It's not an homage, it's a straight rip-off?!

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