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Sennheiser ek 3241 with directional antennas

Kai Ziarkowski

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Hi everybody,


i've been working as location sound recordist mainly with a soundbag, but now i switch to a sound cart setup.

i'm using 4 sennheiser ek 3241 receivers.

can anybody tell me what is the best way to run them with two fin antennas?


i think it's a simple question, but i would be happy to get some good advices :)


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Hi, and welcome...

" i think it's a simple question, "

not really...


but it is a frequent question, and frequently discussed here...

one helpful resource might be one of the manufacturers wireless guides, Sennheiser has one, Shure, Audio Technica, and Lectrosonics has a really good one; these are available on the manufacturers' web sites...

it works the same across all the manufacturers.


" the best way " ..?

this is a bit elusive, as it is somewhat a personal choice, and subjective decision, with lots of options, and accessories to choose from.

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" Are there other alternatives that gives you the possibility to work with other receivers?  "


" Should the splitter be active? "

it depends...

" or is the signal loss of a passive splitter ok, because of the antennas? "



one more time: " a helpful resource would be any one of the manufacturers wireless guides "

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I know nothing and mostly post the same.

It is a  good technique,  as is using the "Ignore" Preferences panel 


I wonder who the most blocked individual on jwsound is ?


That's amazing! I never knew this feature is available on this forum... (was it custom built with someone in mind Jeff?)

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