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Recording something special - the first day

Jeff Wexler

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I am posting this from Simon Hayes' facebook post 




Les Miserables, Hugh Jackman singing "Who am I?" on the peak of a mountain in the French Alps. Arthur Fenn booming, spot on position - could not be more 'On Mic'. Boom on a cable to preserve 100% quality. For anyone wondering why the pole is so long, Hugh started singing 20 feet from the camera and ends up in close up. It took us an hour to carry the sound cart up the mountain rather than go handheld so we could use the Super CMIT boom mic and Lectro's with Venue receivers, again so we didn't compromise on sound quality. This was the first day of shooting on the film and during this shot it became clear we were recording something special.


- Simon Hayes

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Anyone have the blu-ray or DVD?  I've been hoping for a year now that there would be a 5 star BTS (with extra focus on sound :D).


Seems like Target may have what you are looking for:



"Over 40 minutes of exclusive behind-the-scenes footage"

Though they don't specify if it's focused on sound, but it should still be good nonetheless ;)

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