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Apple releases 'cheap' iPhone for the developing world... still too expensive!

al mcguire

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That article cites Wall Street being upset that Apple isn't making cheap phones. Who cares, again Apple never tried to compete on price. Why start now? Apple never bent to Wall Street. If Wall Street was so smart, they would be inventing stuff instead of trading stocks and playing armchair quarterbacks. No matter what you think of the iPhone, or Apple, they managed to become crazy successful without Wall Street guidance. How many times in the 90s did Wall Street advise Apple being dismantled and the patents sold off? Wall Street also rewards companies for "cutting costs" by moving production to 3rd world sweatshops. They see bigger profits, while Americans lose jobs. I would never take an analysts report without considering their motivation for trying to manipulate the stock price.

If anything, Apple has a pattern and this is the revision year. Next year will be the bigger change for the iPhone 6. That said, I am intrigued by the 5S. The camera is getting a big bump, and that's something I use every single day. The processor is a lot faster, so even if it just launches the camera faster, that's intriguing to me. The fingerprint scanner is huge, especially combined with Apple's new keychain in iOS7 and OS X. I HATE trying to type a secure password for my bank, or even the Apple App Store, on my phone, and this will eliminate it.

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