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Looking for reliable Sound Equipment Resources in Pheonix


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I am a NYC based Sound mixer for about 7 years now and I am starting a job tomorrow outside of Pheonix, AZ. The long story short is that my equipment pelican has been stuck in airline world. I generally avoid this situation by carrying on the majority of the gear, but in this particular situation I had no choice.

The good news is that there is a chance that the gear will come in tomorrow morning only slightly delaying the production, but there's no guarantee or way of knowing exactly until tomorrow morning.

I am asking here if anyone can recommend a reliable resource for renting sound gear: a rental house, a sound mixer who rents out his gear, etc. The setups are single person interviews and some walk and talking. My setup mainly consists of 788t, mkh60 and lectro 411's w/ cos11, but i could mix in cam (sony EX3) if necessary.

There is insurance, there is rental money, and i am extremely careful with equipment.

Hopefully the gear will fly in tomorrow morning on time, but if it doesn't, knowing where to go or who to call ahead of time will be a production-saver. I appreciate any information anyone can give me here.

Best wishes,

Brett Van Deusen

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