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Diego Sanchez

External antenna for Sennheiser G2

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On 29. 3. 2016 at 5:59 PM, sisal said:

I did the same about a year ago and I am very happy with it. Using proper SMA whips with G3 gives me a lot more range. Now I get the first hits where previously the connection would already have dropped completely.
The receiver switches antennae seamlessly, and I get equal level on both of them.

For the first set I used connectors from RS: http://au.rs-online.com/web/p/sma-connectors/5120036/
To mod the rest of my sets I ordered some cheaper connectors from ebay (like these). I cannot make out any difference.

Do not forget to connect ground for the second antenna.



Other than the hole for the second antenna, there was absolutely no change to the case. Should I ever feel like reverting to original, its just popping the SMA out and the regular one in.

Using these connectors, you would have to remove a tiny bit of material to fit the original antenna bay:


Hi Sisal,

really nice work. Thinking about the same mod now. I have few questions. How did you connect the second antenna? Did you unconnect the wire going from the antenna output on the PCB to the Jack connector? Did you connect that unused wire on the Jack to the ground or where?


Thanks much! :-)

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