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Wireless blocks in Chicago


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Reigniting an old thread. I am going to be in Chicago mid september recording with a couple of wireless lavs. I will be at the Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile. What are the available frequencies? Have they changed from what has been mentioned above.


Thanks in advance.

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If anything, things have gotten worse. 

If you are inside, you can probably get away with any block.  If you are outside, the RF is really strong since you are blocks from the major TV transmitter site in the city (John Hancock building and Sears Tower).

Not sure if this link will work, if not, just go to the site and use the "Check your address for free TV" link


Based on this chart, looks like, without doing the math and looking up block frequency ranges, you can find clear air in blocks 19, 20, 23 and 25.


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Hello guys, 


I'm looking to get another wireless kit for my bag. Currently using BLK 19 and for the most part the lower half of BLK 19 works well for me across city. Is there any other BLKs that would be recommended for use across the city that generally has some free space? I know RF interference varies from location to location but if anyone has experience with different BLKs that work well. I would greatly appreciate the advice. I have experimented with BLK 21 with little success.

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