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I make a lot of my living recording for what are now termed "video assets".  This is a better term than "content" in that "asset" implies value.  But there is currently a great hostility to spending what it takes to do what it takes to make great video.  There is a huge suspicion among many younger (and not so young) business people (esp in tech) that the business of movie making is a big scam, and that they can do just as well with their pal's kid, a 5D, a GoPro and FCX.  What I find among these folks is a willful blindness to the crappiness of what they are accepting from their newbie filmmakers--the "good enough"aesthetic.  It's been ascendant for awhile now, maybe fashions will evolve, finally.   





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Some of these crowd funding things are really starting to pick my ass as well.

Just techniques day, is a wine where they had shot a pile of footage! traveling around the country.

And now want $2k to get color correction sound design etc done.

First off, if you can travel around the country filming, then you should save up the $2k yourself.

If you can't do that, you shouldn't be making films.

And how can you get all the finishing down for $2k?

Oh, right. They will use that money probably for materials, and have everyone else work for free.

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