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How do you mic a simili scientic?


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Hey guys I am on a gig where the subjects are walking in abandonned places and they need to wear Tyvec suits, they look terrible and it sounds terrible also! (see the attachment)

The boom won't be able to get close enough in most situations so wireless are needed. I was thinking maybe to mic the forehead with a strap inside the hood, or else see the mic outside the vest by doing a hole in the suit.

I am sure both options won't work because the "talents" will remove their hood outside the building and the compagny won't let me do holes in the suits...

I will do test on a suit soon but I would love to hear you on this.




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will the mask hang round the neck when not on the face - you could put the mic into that and have both situations covered.

worse case scenario - do the dialogue wild as you can't  see the lips :-)

Well you know it's for TV and they don't dub anything. I doubt that the mic will be too close to the mouth in the mask and it will sound too watery, sweaty and it will pop a lot.

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Maybe your best bet is to fix the mics on the outside of the suits. The "Myth Busters" TV show is a good example of this. try to talk the producers into doing it this way. I assume this is not a scripted show (not actors). There will still be noise from the Tyvek suits but you will have a better chance.Good Luck.

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Can you add a hat with bill to this, under the hood? (like a baseball cap)

If so, tx in crown of hat, mic on bill above forehead..

I would also expect the sound to be muffled by the mask no matter what you do.


second choice..  White Countryman b6 in the mask, waterproof medical tape holding it in place.. and run the wire along one side of the elastic.. tx inside suit..


RE: expectations.. mine are that this is not going to sound good no matter what you try.

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Hey folks thanks for the tips and ideas.


I received the suit and the mask today to do some testing. Due to the complexity of the shoot I have decided to double mic the 3 talents with one transmitter each. One mic in the hat and the other in the mask.  Once they will remove their masks I'll take the time to plug the right mic (the one attach to the forehead) to the transmitter.


Masks are so thick that you can't barely hear when some speaks. I will mic the mask inside at the top of the nose with a good tape because it will be humid and the transmitter it at it's minumum because other position it will clip. I will ask them not to scream!


I am using sankens only not B6.


Please forgive me, I'm stuck on the thread title; what does "simili scientic" mean ?

The Senator might admonish about "expectations" rather than mic placement.


wanna be scientific if you want.

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