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TC sync between 2 788t's


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i am trying to sync 2 788t's. not linked together. Ive read through the manual numerous times and came up empty. ive searched on the internet to no avail. starting to get frustrated with this. I have a lemo to bnc and a standard bnc cable. Set my master to Freerun and slave to rx ex. didnt work. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 






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As RVD stated above, you need a lemo to lemo cable to jam two 788t's or the C-Link cable that comes with the 788t when purchased new.  There is no BNC time code input/output on the 788t.  There are BNC's near the timecode input, and I believe it says "sync" by them, but those are not for timecode, they are for word clock.  


Eric Ledet

New Orleans, LA

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