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Np 1 lithium testing

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I´ve been testing Np 1 Lithium Li-ion Ultimate NPLU-84.

14.8 V 84 Wh from Pink Noise.

New battery and fully charge with my old IDX KL-4 charger.

The test was Sound Devices 664 with 2 mic. phantom power ( Schoeps MK 41 and Sennheiser MKH 70). And power for two Audio Limit 2040.

At 8.15 AM I arm four tracks and hit the recorder button . I was recording constantly and stop for lunch12.30 PM where I power down the lot. At 13.10 PM I power up everything and was recording again constantly.

At 17:00 PM I have my first warning for low power. I keep on recording and at 18.20 the SD 664 stop.

Warning low power not able to record. The SD 664 keep the files intact. Very nice.

Note I was recording indoor, 20 Celsius ( 68 F )

I was recording 9 hours and 25 min with one NP1 , two phantom power mic ( 48 V ) and power for two Audio Limit 2040 receiver.

I do find this very good, and looking forward to try them outside in the cold winter time here in Denmark.


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