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Why I got out of the Rock & Roll business...

Scott Smith

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r A bottle of vodka decent stuff, please. Not made in bloody England. Some people seem to enjoy that Ketel One vodka from Holland. Our sound man, however, says it's piss. And he could give the saxophonist a run for his money, not to mention alcohol. No accounting for taste, though, so a bottle of Ketel One, or failing that, Grey Goose. (Down in one, so to speak, haha). I don't know - do they make alcohol free vodka? In Denmark they have one called Spunk, which tastes of liquorice!! How we laughed. It's not alcohol free though. Charm free, yes...



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"When we arrive, if there is either a YAMAHA or DIGITAL CONSOLE of any manufacure located on front of house island, I will chop it into a hundred pieces, and each of those pieces I will chop into a hundred pieces... so that's like, er... tenty hundred? Anyway, then I will douse them in petrol and burn them. In accordance with local and national guidelines on the burning of bits of shit mixer, of course."

This made me laugh. Hope none of the Yamaha owners are offended.

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