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AMJ rev A foldable antenna SMA connector problem


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We have had two reports of loose antennas with the new Rev A of the SMJ antenna. It is a little surprising since the basic barrel is the same as on the previous version. Anyway here is a memo to our dealers from Karl Winkler. This saves me a lot of typing. LEF



Hi everyone,


Just in case dealers call and ask about this issue...


The latest version of the AMJ antenna is far more robust than the original version. So far, none have broken in the field.


However, we are learning that there is an emerging issue: after some use, they can begin to spin, and can't be tightened (this is different than the issue with the elbow, which can be easily corrected by the user with a small screwdriver).


In other words, they are tight at first, then with the internal parts are compressed a few times in use, they can no longer be tightened, and then they won't stay upright when used in the right-angle orientation.


Here is what we are doing about it:


1) The part is being re-designed

2) All stock plus the 1000 units coming in next week will be re-worked (look for a hold on all AMJ antennas...)


Here's what the user can do in the short term if needed: File off the very bottom of the connector (it is nickel plated brass so it is fairly soft) with a flat file to remove about 1/32" or 1 mm of material. Then, file off the burr to avoid injury.


Let me know of any questions.




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