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Why Is Sound So Hard?

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From my posting 1/5:

"Camera/recorder files were ingested directly as output."

Camera files were copied to my hard drive, then either run directly through RightMark and SpectraFoo software, or sent via AES/EBU to my digital ATB, or through a calibrated DAC to my analog ATB.

Back in DV tape days, I'd capture the camera tape via FireWire and then treat the result as a file.


I have run tests through camera headphone outputs, on occasion… but that's a totally different thing, and were mostly concerned with subjective naturalness and drive volume. The file/DV tests were totally objective.

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Wow! I stopped reading at page number 5. Anyway, Mark, excellent work describing this guy the workflow.

What made me laugh is this though:




The timecode syncs most of the time, but for example, the Red One is purely awful at keeping the timecode synced during a days shoot, it drifts a lot.


So the guy has three cameras. Not the same models. His shittiest camera goes off sync and causes him issues and instead of saying: "next time I won't use this disfunctionning camera", he goes on a rampage and wants to invent the ultimate camera that will record sound, etc etc.

Gosh, this guy is walking backwards.

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