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Sennheiser G3 unbalance cable ?


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A balanced XLR to a 3.5mm TRS connector is wired XLR pin one to the TRS sleeve, pin two to the tip and pin three to the ring. OTOH all Sennheiser G2/3 are unbalanced in & out and that's how the Sennheiser supplied molded output cable is wired, shield/ground to pins 1 & 3 and pin two to the tip. They are prone to failure and cannot be repaired. For a line level input to the tx  an unbalanced cable with XLR pin two connected to the ring is required.



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As our esteemed friend Eric stated, both the G2/3 EK100 receivers are unbalanced. The included (POS) Sennheiser 3.5mm to XLR output cable is wired correctly for use with a balanced mic or line XLR input however I made replacements with Canare L2E5 mini, TecNec locking plugs and Neutrik XLRs.

Po' pitiful me, I don't have either a 664 or 633. G2/3s work OK with my 302/744 set-up but in some instances additional line level gain would be nice .. so I'll use mic level as well. I have also used them with a Tascam 680 which has acceptable gain in line mode. Go figure

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well, fair enough.

i am surprised that it was the connecting pin 3 to pin 1 that was the cause of your problems. especially as it states in the 664 manual that for unbalanced connection you should connect pin 1 to pin 3.


but there you go.

you learn something new every day.


even if you hadnt meant to.

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