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19 hours ago, PMC said:


What is this thing in front of the mic? Does it reduce room echo?

Show credit lists Stuart Waring as Sound Mixer.



Reflexion Filters - sE Electronics




A reflection filter, SE Electronics do a few models, some other companies also. Helps a little, especially if you don't have a proper recording studio, like a project studio setup or just recording in the bedroom.



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Consider that being a small surface, it will introduce some phase cancellations. It will help in small reflective rooms where you would have those anyway, but it's no substitute for a treated room or some BIG sound blankets.

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On 3/10/2023 at 3:12 PM, BAB414 said:



Just heard about this one. Did a 20 minute take yesterday followed by a 15 minute take, both at 15' extension, with no support. This is how this director and this actor roll, and while it is killing me physically, I want to respect the actor's process. Anyone have experience with the Uperator?


For a one man / mixing while booming situation in which the subject is not moving around much I've sometimes used the 'dipstick' from Ambient -  enables keeping one hand on the fader while most of the weight of the pole is tucked into my hip / belt / a pocket etc.  Also useful in a small crowded situation - can just come down from over the top of flags / bounces / camera etc. https://ambient.de/en/brands/ambient/736/qds-dipstick-angleable-boom-pole-extention

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