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A short doc on the metal sculpture of my friend Chris Bathgate

Wyatt Tuzo

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I thought it would be appropriate to share this here. Recently, a young film maker from the UK by the name of Nick Kennedy,  made a short documentary on the sculpture work of my dear friend Chris Bathgate.


I think the photography of his machining process is beautifully done. I also think this video does a good job of highlighting who Chris is as an artist. 


Though not sound related, I thought to post this here as some members (Tom and Pascal, my eyes are on you) are thoroughly interested in fabrication processes. As I see it, most of us come at our work with an eye towards aesthetic, as is made apparent in the threads showcasing various bag configurations and cart solutions.


Now if only I could get him to make my next cart for me  ;)


Anyway, hope you enjoy.



Most sculptures aren't made to tolerances in excess of 1/1000th of an inch. Chris Bathgate's are.

Chris is a self-taught machinist sculptor who was born in 1980 in Baltimore Maryland. He still currently works and resides in Baltimore and has spent more than a decade learning how to build and use a variety of metal working tools and machinery. He has assembled an elaborate machine shop of repurposed and home made robotic and manual machine tools, along with a multitude of other equipment and inventions in the basement studio of his Baltimore home.

You can find more of Chris' work at:



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