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Sony UWP-D Wireless Microphone Series:


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Also, I know that I can easily find a service phone number on lectros website, and assuming the office is open be speaking to someone who can help me out very quickly.

Though the same can be safe of the vast majority of manufacturers that we use.

I do not know that I could do this with whichever department of SONY makes these radio mics.

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Bumping in hope of further input. Especially when used as a wireless hop. Seems like a good option for that task. The USB power being the foremost feature for me along with the adjustable antenna, and mounting options beyond velcro (though with a nice flat surface if you have too. Seems like most the recent power distribution boxes have the 5V output and that'd be perfect for this system.

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I need to replace my G2's due to the frequency about to be auctioned off. I purchased the UWP-D11 to see if this would be a good fit. I liked many of the features they offered. My main criteria of course being sound quality and range. Many reviews I read addressed the range, but I have not seen or read much about the sound quality.

I did a subjective test (ears only) of the  Sony UWP-D11, Senneheisser G2, and the Lectro UCR411A receiver /MM400B trans, All units had different mics. I was not interested in the sound of the mics, rather I was interested in the noise bed. I don't think the mics influenced the noise bed to a large degree. Just to be sure, I used the stock mic, and a Countryman B6 on the Sony which did not vary the noise bed levels noticeably.


For my test I used my SD 664 with all radios set to different frequencies, and with similar output db's. I equalized sound levels as best a possible by ear on the SD.

I took all the transmitters and placed them in my bedroom, the quietest room in my home, on the bed with mics under the quilts.

Lectros: very quiet, true to form.
G2's: Some hiss, but acceptable for noncritical work.
Sony UWP-D11: Lots of hiss and higher sound floor, not really usable. I am sending them back.

I would be nice to see someone do a similar test using instrumentation.

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I am using several of these as IFB and camera hops.

As IFB, my current director is also a soundy, and fan of comteks and he is loving the sonys for IFB.

As hops, cameramen are loving the form factor on the camera. Adjustable antennae are great.

Haven't tested them as radio mics yet, but have lectros for this.

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I've been using them as hops quite a bit. nothing exciting to report, works as you'd expect. I got the D16 package and used the wireless plug on a 416 for a few corporates where we were running around gyms and swimming pools and i didn't want cables around too much. possibly not as perfect as the considerably more expensive units but for a corporate that'll end up online it was great.



This is one of the resulting videos. All wireless 416 for the subjects, the interviewer is on a cos-11 through a micron wireless.


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I too just purchased the D16 package with few more receivers, mainly for use as IFB.

My first impressions after very short tests so far, Positive:

Build quality seems very good

Sound quality seems very good and supplies enough power to drive headphones (ATH50)

USB powering is a nice idea, though NIMH battery charging is possible only when unit off


For the Negative there are few things that just don't make sense to me,

Headphone volume is in the menu, also menu is not very intuitive. (especially if you think of directors trying to change volume)

Battery caddy is not very comfortable but not so critical for me


Also i still didn't test it with the line inputs of my 633, does anyone have any experience with that?

And one last thing about the Sony support, I thought to ask them to change the volume settings on the next firmware but i see no forum and no email for support, guess I've gotten used to the great support you get from SD and Lectro

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I bought some of these. They're great IFB's. The plug on went into over load from even the slightest handling noise, ie- the touch of a finger on the pole. If you LCF at the mic stage, this is significantly improved but still pretty unacceptable. I sent the plug on back, the unit which replace it had the same problem.

A friend of mine has three of them, all three have the same problem. Multiple mics, multiple mixers/recorders, same problem. Must have been a bad batch.

The sound quality is pretty good if they're held still. I'd use them for wireless boom, just not on anything too dynamic, because the limiters aren't so great. May or may not use them for anything destined for the Cinema, but would use them for all things small screen. I'm about to head off to a coastal town where my Bl21 Lectros are said not to play. Hopefully a scan gives me something to work with. IF I had the Sony plug on, I'd be taking it for sure. Wideband tuning is worth the sacrifice of sound which is esoteric at best.

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