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788T Mix Assist Feature Overview

Jesse Parker

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Thank you so much for posting that Jessie....  Really....


Couple of quick questions....  

Can you assign to ONLY LEFT mix track?.... Or, does it only work by using the Right AND Left mix tracks.. Probably both, but if you assign tracks to only LEFT mix track I am sure that would work out correct...?

Did you guys leave input level so low on purpose on the L&R mix tracks...?

What if two people in a board room scene speak at the same time, or overlap?

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yes, you can assign/unassign each channel, independently of R/L. Two people speaking..... it works. Overlap...it works. Great. And you have the ISO's. Great as a mixdown-track for the editor in any case.

I get that ...Thanks....   But if assigning to a mix track, can it be to the Left only... or assign them to LEFT, and let the Right record nothing...

Also get the ISOs...

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I have really only used the Mix Assist once - an eight way panel discussion and I was very impressed with the final result. I found that I did still need to ride the faders to "drop" or "lift" as needed. I recorded ISOs as well but was happy enough with the live mix that further finessing was not needed.

The CF card proved to be too slow but the internal hdd was sweet so copied the ISOs off that; the same card is good when recording same track numbers NOT using the Mix Assist feature.

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